V Guard VIG 400 specially designed for inverter AC Stabilizer 171 -270V 12A White

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*The VIG 400 V-Guard 1.5 ton inverter AC stabilizer provides state-of-the-art protection to your air-conditioner. Complete with an Electromagnetic Interference filter (EMI), its system is expertly designed to suppress any electromagnetic noise present in the powerline, and thereby, safeguard the connected load and protect your valuable equipment.
*A surge-and-spike-protection mechanism ensures that your device is immune to threats of damage from unexpected voltage spikes. Electrical transients of a short duration can cause unprecedented damage to your air-conditioner; the surge-and-spike protection allows the VIG 400 stabilizers core to remain powerful, resilient, and secure throughout its life cycle.
*The security system of the V-Guards VIG 400 stabilizer is hardly the only outstanding feature - its excellent digital display system provides complete visibility into input voltage and any protective mode that may be enabled.
*The stabilizers Intelligent Time Delay System (ITDS) allows proper balancing time for the compressor prior to restarting. This smart technology ensures that there are no delays in restarting when the stabilizer is in off-mode for three or more minutes. At the same time, it guarantees that, in case power supply fails and comes back within three minutes, a time delay is automatically activated.
*Only too often, even the slightest of voltage fluctuation causes irreversible damage to sensitive electronic components of an air-conditioner. The VIG 400 stabilizer addresses this issue through technological excellence; its microcontroller-based design ensures that voltage correction is done at a much faster rate than conventional circuits. This stabilizer from V-Guard successfully protects your air-conditioner from voltage fluctuations.
*VIG 400 is an all-round excellent inverter AC Stabilizer, scoring high in efficiency, security, and longevity. If youre looking for a high-grade system to protect your sensitive electronic equipment at home, this product is an ideal choice.