LED Street Lights


We have witnessed the revolution of street lights, from yellow sodium vapour lamps to white LED street lights. LED lights just heroically transfer the way we see our streets and lanes. With so many advantages, these advanced lights became the go-to option for towns and municipalities across the globe. Orion has a huge collection of LED street lights online that can illuminate the streets and outdoors. The outstanding energy economy of LED street lighting is one of its most attractive features. Compared to conventional street lighting, they use significantly less electricity, which results in huge savings in costs for cities and local governments.


Why should you buy our LED street lights?


  • Instant Brightness: Unlike certain other lighting technologies that need a warm-up period, LED street lights illuminate instantly upon turning on. For street safety and security, this is essential.
  •  Directional Light: By focusing their light's emission, LEDs minimise light pollution and unwanted light spillage into surrounding areas, which is crucial for glare reduction and the preservation of the night sky.
  • Durability: Since LED lighting fixtures are solid-state, they are more resilient to external damage, vibration, and shock. They work better in outside settings, such as street lights.
  • Low Light Degradation: LEDs have a longer lifespan than conventional lights because they do not experience lumen depreciation, which is a progressive drop in light output over time.
  •  Advantages for the Environment: LEDs are better for the environment. They release less carbon dioxide and don't include any hazardous compounds like mercury, which is present in fluorescent lamps. This helps lower greenhouse gas emissions.


With the pure intention of brightening up every path and street you walk, Orion presents highquality LED street lights to the market. You don’t deserve to walk around ill- lit roads. Let’s eliminate all the dark vibes with Orion’s powerful LED street lights.

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